Long and Short stitch

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Long & Short Stitch ID

Before you start, anchor the thread to a nearby stitch, on the back of the fabric.

1 This stitch is made of a series of simple straight stitches, so it’s actually a very straight forward stitch. Make sure that the stitches are always stitched in the same direction, and that horizontal stitches are worked column by column (as shown below), and vertical stitches are worked row by row. They must be stitched so close together that the fabric doesn’t show through the stitch. If you’re working on a large count fabric, and the coverage isn’t sufficient, increase the number of strands you’re working with (to make the stitches thicker).

2 Once the first column is stitched, move onto the next one – the pattern may or may not call for a change of colour at this stage. Follow the instructions provided on the pattern.

Fancy seeing it stitched in action? Here’s a short video:

Happy stitching!

Faby xx

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