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Yes, you can pay using either a Payment Card (Visa / American Express / Mastercard), or Paypal.

Simply select your preferred payment method on the checkout page:

All your purchased patterns are available for you to download from your account area.

You will find a button to download each file in the downloads section of your account (My PDF patterns) – simply click on the button, and the file will be copied to the local “download” folder on your computer (or to whichever folder your dowloads are set to be saved).

This can happen, unfortunately. Newsletters can been mistaken for spam by email servers. Here are a few things to can do to try and avoid this issue:

  • Newsletters often get delivered directly into the spam folder (or other dedicated folders if you have any), so be sure to check them all.
  • They sometimes get blocked even before they reach your email client, so check online in case they were left on the server (it does happen!)
  • Add the email address (contact @ fabyreilly dot com – without the spaces of course) to your contact list (make sure you add it to the contact list associated with the email to which you’re set to receive the newsletters, otherwise it won’t work.) This will tell the server that you’re expecting to receive mail from this email address, therefore it’s less likely to be treated as spam.
  • If you do find the newsletter in a spam folder or on the server, move it back into your inbox, preferrably by clicking on the “not spam” button if available. This will “educate” your email client, and teach it not to treat communications from this address as undesirable mail.

If all this fails and you can’t locate either one or several newsletters, you can access all published SAL patterns directly on this website (in fact, these pages get updated even before the newsletter is sent!). You can access them from your My SALs page.

This will allow you to download any missing part as a zipped file. Please see below for further explanations regarding the downloading of these patterns.

Once you’ve purchased a SAL Membership, you’ll notice you have access to a new section in your account, called My SALs.

Click on it, and you’ll see all your currently available SALs. Select the one you wish to view:

This will display the language options for the SAL – namely English and French. Select your preferred language:

You now have access to the full list of downloads available to you. The list will grow as the various parts get published. Once all the parts are published, you will retain access to all these downloads.

Your patterns will be downloaded as zipped files (that will be particularly helpful if you’re trying to download more than 1 PDF). Before you can view your files, you will need to unzip them. On screen help is usually self-explanatory, but if you’re not sure how to unzip files, here’s a WikiHow tutorial to help you, or you can use this online tool.

NOTE: if you’re trying to download these files from a mobile device and you’re experiencing difficulties, please download the files 1 at a time (only tick one box before clicking on the pink download button)

Nope…, sorry! Or rather, you “could”, but it would NOT be legal, so you shouldn’t. Gifting a PDF pattern is actually gifting a COPY of a PDF pattern: to give it to someone else, you will have had to download a copy onto your own computer or device in the first place, and even if you deleted your own copy, your download link has no expiry date, which means you retain access to the pattern.

If you’d like to purchase a pattern (or a gift card) for someone else, please use the Gift a Pattern page.

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