How can I access the patterns I have purchased?

All your purchased patterns are available for you to download from your account area. You will find a button to download each file in the download section of your account – simply click on the button, and the file will be copied to the local “download” folder on your computer (or to whichever folder dowloads are set to be saved).

Is there a time limit to download my patterns?

No – as long as you are logged into your account, you can access them from the download section at any time, and download them as many times as you need to. So if you change your device, or you want to access your purchases from several devices, you can do so.

Please take a minute to read the Terms and Conditions (also attached to each pattern), and note that while you can download your purchased patterns as many times as you want, they are for personal use only.

Can I purchase a downloadable pattern and gift it to someone else?

No. Or rather, you can, but it is NOT legal. Gifting a PDF pattern is actually gifting a COPY of a PDF pattern: to give it to someone else, you will have had to download a copy onto your own computer or device in the first place, and even if you deleted your own copy, your download link has no expiry date, which means you retain access to the pattern.

If you’d like to purchase a pattern for someone else, please contact me using the form below, and I will arrange for these patterns to be emailed directly to the recipient of your gift.

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