Cutting Straight Line Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

How to cut linen in a straight line

If you’re finding that you go cross-eyed when you try to cut a straight line through your linen, then this is a great tip to help you get there without any headache or accidents 😉 You’ll just need: a pair of scissors (I … Read More
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Biscornu Centrepiece Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

How to sew on the centrepiece of a biscornu

Have you ever sewn a crystal or a button in the centre of a biscornu…? If so, then chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of 2 hands being insufficient to pinch the biscornu down AND stitch the centrepiece on tight enough! Here’s a way … Read More
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Stitch an Outline Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

How to stitch the outline of a biscornu

If you’re stitching something that has to be assembled biscornu style, and you hate having to count those endless stitches to make sure your square IS STILL a square by the time it’s done, then here’s a really cool trick for you! … Read More
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Stop a Stitch Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

How to stop a lone stitch

If you’ve ever had to stitch a pesky stitch that stands like a Billy No-Mates in the middle of nowhere, you’ll know how tricky it is to start and stop it, without having anywhere to anchor your thread to. Here’s … Read More
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Loop Method Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

The Loop Method

If you have to stitch with 2 strands of cotton and you want to start a new thread without it showing at all, you need to try the loop method! You know when you’ve got to stitch 1 stitch in the middle … Read More
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