How to cut linen in a straight line

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If you’re finding that you go cross-eyed when you try to cut a straight line through your linen, then this is a great tip to help you get there without any headache or accidents 😉

You’ll just need:

  • a pair of scissors (I know I’m stating the obvious, but it’s just easier to have them at hand from the start!)
  • pair of tweezers (yep, that’s right!)


1 Count exactly where you need to cut your linen, and identify the next strand of linen. Firmly grab it with your tweezers, and gently pull it out. (You may need to crinkle the linen to do that, if it’s a large piece of stitching)

Cutting a straight line Tutorial

2 Repeat this on all the sides you need to trim. A line will appear where you need to cut the linen:

Cutting a straight line Tutorial

3 You can now cut it with confidence, following the clearly defined path 🙂

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