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Aperture cards are quite handy and they’re certainly great for a quick finish, but… creatively speaking, erm, they don’t score that high, do they! And it doesn’t even take that long to be just a little bit more creative – see for yourself! I will show you in later posts ways to be even more creative with your cards. This one is the basic tutorial, the starting point, which will only take you minutes to finish, and which will make a huge difference to what your card looks like.

You’ll need:

  • your stitched design
  • 1 plain card (bigger than your stitched design)
  • white felt (just a bit bigger than your stitched design)
  • matching ribbon (twice the height of your card)
  • clear acid-free glue
  • double-sided tape


1. Iron your stitched design on the reverse (here’s how to, if there are beads on it), and trim it 4 stitches (that’s 8 strands of linen) away  from the edge of the pattern (here’s how to make sure you trim it straight):

Card Tutorial 05

2. Pull-out strands of fabric over the outer 2 stitches (that’s 4 strands of linen) to create a frayed border all around the design.

Card Tutorial 06

3. Trim the felt to the same size as the stitched design (or just a bit bigger, if you have lots of space on the card and you want it to show)

Card Tutorial 07

4. Glue (be sure to use acid-free glue!!) the stitched design to the felt. To avoid the glue from showing through the fabric, only apply it to the back of the stitched areas, avoiding unstitched linen.

Card Tutorial 08

5. Position the felt collage where you want it on the card, and work out where you want the ribbon to be placed, wrapping it around the front flap of the card. (Here, I decided to centre it with the golden frame. As a general rule, I think it works much better if the ribbon isn’t centered on the card itself.)

Card Tutorial 09

6. When you’re satisfied, remove the felt collage and apply a little double-sided tape to keep both ends of the ribbon in place – aim for them to be hidden behind the stitched design, once finished 😉

Card Tutorial 10

7. And now you can glue the felt collage to the card!

Card Tutorial 11


A few design ideas you may like, for which this method works really well:

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  1. Claudia Forster-Purchase
    | Reply

    those look great! I have just finished a rose for my Auntie for her birthday. . this will look great. . was wondering what I could do and now, voila! Thank you!

    • Faby Reilly
      | Reply

      Your Auntie will love her card! I’m so pleased you found this tutorial useful, Claudia 🙂 !!

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