The patterns are beyond what I expected. So elegant and beautiful – I’m not sure why I was surprised, I know your lovely style.

Mona - Email

Received the patterns. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!! (Sorry, had to shout!) Your directions are outstanding, the details are amazing, and I hope you continue designing for a long time…or at least as long as I continue to cross stitch! I had put my cross stitching away as my eyes were not cooperating. (I’m 65 and had two cataract operations, but now I see fine!) As long as I enlarge the pattern when necessary and wear my reading glasses, I have found that I can, indeed, still cross stitch, even on Belfast linen.

Sue - Email

Faby, thank you for designing and providing us the opportunity to stitch and create your vision, with our personal twists!

I LOVE the encouraging comments and admiration we share so freely with each other.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us through ideas, patterns, directions and friendship!

Mona - Facebook

Faby is absolutely wonderful and her patterns are a dream. Easy-to- follow instructions, lots of photos, bonus pages. Couldn’t be happier! Faby, you ROCK!!

Roberta - Etsy

Maravillosos diseños hechos con exquisito gusto

(Wonderful designs made with exquisite taste)

Sandra - Facebook

[Christie Frames (set of 6)] ~~ Perfection. Nobody does patterns better than Faby Reilly.

Mellie - Etsy

Once again Faby has designed the most perfect biscornu. The colors are delicate, but rich; and the charts are extremely easy to follow. I especially like the thread card/conversions and the highly detailed list of ALL the materials you’ll need to finish your beautiful project. I can’t wait to start stitching this.

rerussel - Etsy

A talented Lady! I can get lost in her store, and It’s so hard to pick out just one thing! I want them all! She’s Amazing.

Leslie - Facebook

[Christie SAL] ~~ Faby is fantastic! Every time I work a pattern I love every stitch. The service is unbeatable.

Whenever I stitch a Faby design I’m in a happy place

kactions1 - Etsy

I could not recommend the patterns and beautiful designs by Faby Reilly Designs enough! The decisions are so intricate and sophisticated, the charts are great and the finishing instructions are just perfect. I will definitely be stitching more of the designs in the future!

welshstitcher - Instagram

Faby you are an inspiration , I look forward to news letters & tutorials.

Pamela - Blog

Chère Faby, vos broderies sont comme la lecture d’un livre passionnant : quand on commence, on ne peut plus s’arrêter ! 

(Dear Faby, your designs are like reading an exciting book: once you start, you can’t put it down!)

Jaquine - Facebook

Absolutely love this artist and her designs. I am especially fond of the magnolia and the little roses (bought both!!) and have truly enjoyed stitching them…Beautiful colors and very well written pattern! Thanks so much Faby…I definitely will be back for some of your other designs!!!

Debra - Facebook

Very very happy with my customized Dreams pattern! It was a perfect wedding sampler to give to my friend! Faby was very helpful and friendly through the process! 🙂

Jacinta - Etsy

You’re amazing at customer support, as usual.

Marina - Facebook

Thank you for all your wonderful designs.
You have such an eye for colour and proportions. A true artist. As a stitcher I appreciate your unique eye.

For me, your designs have hit the right balance. They have a timeless romantic feel with a modern colour palette and a hand drawn or painted quality. You have a flair for illustrating the subjects with a clean, easy appearance. Masterfully you use elements of other embroidery arts and beading to add poignant details that lift the designs off the fabric.

It’s a pleasure to sew your designs and I look forward to creating your newest advent calendar for my home and family.

Bec Xstitch87 - Email

Faby’s designs are so beautiful! I have cross-stitched several of her designs years ago, and now I don’t cross-stitch any more but still can’t resist buying some of her designs (which I secretly hope to stitch some day, may be even this summer). Thank you, Faby, for sharing your amazing creations 🙂

Gal - Facebook

Unique, elegant design and incorporates more embroidery stitches than just x-stitch. But the customer service was out of this world. Faby did everything possible to make this an easy and accommodating experience! Will be purchasing other designs from her!

houlkashero - Etsy