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It may seem complex to obtain this strange shape that doesn’t seem to know whether it’s a sphere or a cube (more info about biscornus here), but it’s actually pretty straightforward to finish: try it now if you’ve never attempted a biscornu before! And for those of you who’re already familiar with biscornus, here’s how to make them into gorgeous wedding ring cushions…

You’ll need:

  • 2 equal & square stitched designs (all 8 sides must be exactly the same length)
  • Granulex Soft silicone granules, or polyester filling
  • 1 large bead for the front (such as Mill Hill Pebble Beads)
  • 1 button / 1 sew-on crystal for the back (to match the design)
  • some ribbon


1. Iron the stitched designs on the reverse (here’s how to, if there are beads on it), trim out the excess fabric leaving about 1/2 inch around the edge, then cut off the tip of each corner. With pins, mark the exact centre of each backstitched side. Repeat on the other square so that all 8 sides are marked.

2. Carefully fold back the fabric along all 8 edges. Position the pieces so that each pin is aligned with a corner of the opposite piece.

3. Start stitching using the loop method, and whipstitch your way around the biscornu, using 2 strands of stranded cotton of the same shade as the backstitch so it all blends in together. (Stitch each pair of facing backstitches together, one after the other. Make sure you don’t skip any stitches, and you don’t catch the fabric with the needle.)

4. As you stitch on, the biscornu will start to take shape. Before you finish stitching it, fill it with silicone granules or polyester filling.

5. Choose 2 beads/buttons/sew-on crystals to match the biscornu. Stitch them together (one on each side of the biscornu) pulling them close as you do so, to create a dip in the centre of the cushion.

6. To make the biscornu into a wedding ring cushion, thread the ribbon through the bead, and use it to tie the wedding rings to the biscornu.

Et voilà !

A few design ideas you may like, for which this method works really well:

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  1. Donnalee
    | Reply

    These are so beautiful! I love all of your work.

    • Faby Reilly
      | Reply

      Aw, thank you so much Donnalee 😊 !!

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