Buttonhole Cartwheel

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1 Bring the needle out at the base of the stitch (1), then push it back through the fabric in the centre of the stitch (2). Keep the thread loose and away from the area, then bring the needle out again at the tip of the next spoke of the wheel (3), within the loop of thread created earlier.

Pull the needle and tighten the thread.

Keep going the same way around the wheel shape (4 & 5).

2 When you reach the last spoke, you need to proceed differently to achieve a seamless finish.

Instead of pushing the needle directly through the centre as we’ve done so far, glide it under the 1st stitch BEFORE you go through the centre one last time.

It’s now impossible to tell where the cartwheel starts/stops:

Fancy seeing it stitched in action? Here’s a short video:

Fancy trying out your new skills? Here’s a selection of patterns do to just that:

Shall we recap?

Happy stitching!

Faby xx

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