I have looked everywhere for a wedding ring biscornu, and you have the most beautiful one on the Internet – the Love – Wedding Ring Biscornu. My niece will love it, and your pattern is stitched in her colors for her wedding! Thanks for such a beautiful piece!

July 2018


Vielen Herzlichen Dank für die angenehme Geschäftsbeziehung. Ebenso für die schnelle Bearbeitung meiner Bestellung.
Ich hab die Anleitung mit allem was dazu gehört abgespeichert und bereits 1 mal ausgedruckt.
Das Motiv und die Idee mit dem Täschen für die Taschentücher finde ich sehr gelungen und ausgefallen.
Ich hoffe ich habe in der nächsten Zeit die Gelegenheit das kleine Teil zu besticken und zu nähen.
Ich bin momentan viel mit anderen Dingen beschäftigt, daher ist alles etwas turbulent.
Schöne Grüße
und einen schönen Frühling.

March 2018


The High Seas Band is a lovely design! It’s easy and fun to stitch, and the results are fantastic — the shading of the colors provides just the right amount of detail, and the final effect is lighthearted.

May 2017


I’m fully satisfied with my purchase. Thanks a lot.

April 2017


I saw your designs on Pinterest and wondered who this fabyreilly was. Well, I found you and I’ll be back! Your designs are beautiful. When I get a little caught up on things I will select and purchase one of the humbugs or biscornu patterns. I have stitched two biscornu so far, but I haven’t assembled them yet. I’m nervous about it all going together correctly. Oh bother! I’ll never be caught up. I’m going to order one now!

March 2017


Loving your designs

December 2016


last week I bought the tree and flake christmas hoops that I liked to sew for an exchange that I had to do. Today I want to start it. I really enjoy it and it was really fast to have it. As soon as I paid it I had it. Thank you very much Faby for your designs. It’s the first one I bought but I hope it’s not the last one. Regards from Spain

November 2016

A Faby fan

Your project instructions are wonderfully presented and very clear.  Thank you.

October 2015

Bec Xstitch87

Thank you for all your wonderful designs.
You have such an eye for colour and proportions. A true artist.

As a stitcher I appreciate your unique eye. For me, your designs have hit the right balance. They have a timeless romantic feel with a modern colour palette and a hand drawn or painted quality. You have a flair for illustrating the subjects with a clean, easy appearance. Masterfully you use elements of other embroidery arts and beading to add poignant details that lift the designs off the fabric.
It’s a pleasure to sew your designs and I look forward to creating your newest advent calendar for my home and family.
22nd December 2015 (Australia)

Lynn O

Hi Faby

Thanks for the quick response and attached pattern. I always enjoy stitching your designs and can’t wait to start this one.

Best wishes


26th July 2015 (United Kingdom)

Paola F

Thanks for all. I keep loving your charts, they are fantastic. I well received everything. Thanks a lot.

20th July 2015 (Italy)

Thea W


I wanted to pop along to say thanks for your wonderful charts and to share a finish with you that I have just had with your Christmas Star ornament. I followed the chart and the basis of making it up from your tutorial but finished it in my own way with the gold trim. I am super pleased with the result and I hope you like as much as I do. It will be gracing my tree this year for certain. Again, thanks for the wonderful charts!

Kindest regards,

Thea Wilson from Gizzimomo’s Stitchy Place

21st September 2014 (United Kingdom)

Sharon M

Thank you so much for having so many beautiful patterns. Your collections are gorgeous and now I’m having difficulty making up my mind which patterns I have to have now and which I can wait for. Thank you again.

16th August 2014 (United States)


Love your designs. The tutorials are excellent and much appreciated.

17th September 2013 (United States)

Cathy from Canada

I saw your Christmas Peneloque and had to have the pattern. Since then I browsed through a Needlework Show on-line and came across many more of your biscornu and peneloques. I now browse through your on line site and have a list of patterns “I must haves” Thank you for lovely and different designs.

22nd October 2012 (Canada)


I have only recently discovered your designs through a cross stitch magazine and I am thrilled to have some many wonderful designs at my fingertips!

Thank you so much – I look forward to making each and everyone!!!

Love and Hugs……

13th October 2012 (United Kingdom)

Cloey P

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful free biscornu charts. You have really beautiful work.

17th July 2012 (United States)

Sharon C

Thank you so very much for the “A La Carte” chart you did for me (enlarged Love Humbug).

My cousin and his wife, gave them as gift bags to the bridesmaids with their necklaces inside them, I left one side open and used cream and burgundy ribbon to tie them shut, I also put long hanging ribbons on them and they carried them with their flowers.

I also made them for both mother of the bride and groom, into which I added a scented pouch. They have both hung these on there armorie doors.

Lot’s of peole at the wedding asked me about them, and said how gorgeous they where.

Last Christmas I gave your Humbugs instead of Christmas cards, this year I will doing the Pendeloque’s


24th November 2011

Linda H


7th March 2011 (United States)

Rhonda P

have enjoyed the site so far…….will return when I have more time to browse.

10th December 2010 (United States)

Jane H

Just found your wonderful site! It’s a joy to be here and to see your fabulous designs. I could get hooked 😉

Thank you for the inspiration!!

27th November 2010 (United Kingdom)

Linda O

You have a very nice site. Thank you.

24th November 2010


Just read about you in the Cross Stitcher. Fabulous designs! I’m in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

20th January 2010 (United Arab Emirates)


Hello Dear Faby and a Happy New Year.

I have just discovered you through an article in “Cross Stitcher”. Have just been browsing through your website and have fallen totally in love with your designs.

As I am getting married this year, I have decided to order your Love Biscornu to stitch for my Ring Pillow. Have never made a Biscornu before, so I am really looking forward to the challenge. Please keep on designing, as your designs are delightful.

3rd January 2010 (United Kingdom)


Ciao, i tuoi schemi sono semplicemente meravigliosi! Grazie!!!!! Rosalia

6th December 2009 (Italy)

Karen D

Love Love Love your website! Thank you for the wonderful freebie Biscornu patterns, I’ve been wanting to try one, and just love how easy you make it look!!

BTW…Sweet Pea’s are my fave…had to buy that one first 😉

1st August 2009 (United States)


Thank you so much for your beautiful designs. I have just finished stitching the Lavender Bouquet Biscornu and it has turned out beautifully. Am half way through the sweet pea one now. Looking forward to more of your designs.


25th July 2009 (United Kingdom)


I have just purchased your Poppy and your SweetPea biscornu. They are absolutely exquisite! You are one of the best designers I have seen in quite a while, and I am in the needlework business. Talent like yours is hard to find! Please keep designing, and I will keep buying! If you ever want to distribute your work to shops, please let me know.

Robin Hager

Salisbury, North Carolina USA

16th July 2009 (United States)


Hello! My name is Inga. Thank you very much for your work. Your designs are very beautiful and interesting. I am your fan. I wish that your imagination has never faded away

15th July 2009 (Latvia)



I’m Zen and I’m from the Philippines. I’m glad I found your site. Thank you for the freebies. They are fantastic.


12th June 2009 (Philippines)


I stumbled upon your site by accident…or devine intervention. Your designs are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them

6th April 2009 (United States)


I’ve just finished my first Humbug! It looks wonderful and I loved doing it. It’s the poinsettia one, I’m going to start the holly one next. The problem is, I can’t show anyone because I want to make them all one, lol. I love your patterns, please make some more.

1st December 2008 (Germany)


Hi! Perfect site! I loved it all, mainly the free pattern of biscornu. They are my new addiction now! Fabiana

27th November 2008 (Brazil)


What a clever lady you are! Fantastic site, well done Faby.

22nd October 2008 (United Kingdom)


Your site is inspirational! Thank you. I had never heard of an ort bag, but I’m definitely going to do one, it’s just what I need! And a biscornu………

14th September 2008 (United Kingdom)

Paula Puro

What a wonderful website!! Thank you so much for the freebies. And with your biscornu instructions, I just might be able to tackle my first one! I will be back to visit again.


27th August 2008 (United Kingdom)

Anne Makin – Taylor

Thanks for this super site only just discovered! Will be visiting again, love the biscornu patterns and your fantastically clear Tutorials. Can’t wait to get stitching.

23rd August 2008 (United Kingdom)

Mary Hemsworth

Thank you for a wonderful site that I just found through a Brooke Nolan interactive stitchers group. You have beautiful designs and your tutorials are completely wonderful. They are so very clear. Thank you so very much. I will put your site on my Favorites list.

30th July 2008 (United States)


Fabienne, Your website is beautiful and so easy to navigate. I have downloaded two biscornu. I had no idea you were giving them away free! Carol

14th July 2008 (United Kingdom)