October 2018 – Table Topiary

August 2018 – Owl Hoop

July 2018 – Sunshine Alphabet

June 2018 – Apple Blossom & Bird Cushion

June 2018 – Rudolph Reindeer

June 2018 – Navy & Teal Winter Friends

April 2018 – Lilac Sampler & Biscornu

March 2018 – Peacock Stitching Set

March 2018 – Floral Alphabet

February 2018 – Lotus & Dragonfly Cushion

November 2017 – Sparkly Christmas Cards

June 2017 – Bauble Hanging Decorations

June 2017 – Let it Snow Star

May 2017 – Once Upon a Rose Rose Jewelery Set

March 2017 – Vintage Purses

Floral Pendeloques for The World of Cross Stitching

A set of 4 floral pendeloques featuring different flowers (roses, tulips, hyacinths & wisteria) and their initial letter.

Published in December 2016, in issue 250 of The World of Cross Stitching.

Decorative Sequin Tree for Cross Stitch Gold

A floral Christmas tree design, with beads, silver thread and sequins, published in October 2016, in issue 133 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Floral Cards for Cross Stitch Gold

A set of 4 floral card designs (frangipani, forget-me-not, violets, and roses) published in February 2016, in issue 127 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Christmas Hoops for Cross Stitch Gold

A set of 4 matching Christmas hoop designs (bauble, snowflake, Christmas tree, heart) published in September 2015, in issue 124 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Winter Wonders for Cross Stitch Crazy

Winter Biscornus for Crazy

A set of 2 biscornu published in September 2013, in issue 182 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Confetti cones for Cross Stitch Crazy

Confetti Cones for Crazy

A set of 4 confetti cones published in May 2013, in issue 178 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Sweet Scents for Cross Stitch Crazy

Vintage Sachets for Crazy

A set of 7 floral sachets published in March 2013, in issue 176 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Winter Florals for Cross Stitch Crazy


A set of 4 Christmas humbugs (Christmas rose, mistletoe, holly and poinsettia) published in October 2012, in issue 170 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Diwali motifs for Cross Stitch Crazy

Diwali Cards for Crazy

A set of 4 Diwali designs (only 2 pictured) published in September 2012, in issue 168 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

50 Anniversary Gift ideas for Cross Stitch Crazy

A set of 50 Anniversary mini-designs published in May 2012, in issue 165 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Apple Blossom for Cross Stitch Gold

A set of 4 Apple Blossom items (pouch, scissor case, needlebook and card) published in February 2012, in issue 91 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Festive Greetings for Cross Stitch Gold

A set of 4 Christmas cards (poinsettia, mistletoe, Christmas rose and holly) published in September 2011, in issue 87 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Sweet Treats for Cross Stitch Crazy

A set of 4 festive cones (dove, bauble, presents and reindeer) published in September 2011, in issue 156 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Simple Pleasures Sampler for Cross Stitch Gold

A sampler reading “Simple Pleasures are Life’s Treasures” published in April 2011, in issue 83 of Cross Stitch Gold.

Mother’s Day Cards for Cross Stitch Card Shop

Set of 4 mother’s day cards (Cornflower, Poppy, Rose, and Lavender) published in January 2011, in issue 76 of Cross Stitch Card Shop.

Wedding Set for Cross Stitch Gold

Set of 4 Sweet Roses items (biscornu, humbug, pouch and card) published in May 2010, in issue 75 of Cross Stitch Gold.