Heart Biscornu

Heart BiscornuA sweet biscornu, with cross-stitch, back-stitch, French knot, spider web stitch, & beads.

Download the PDF file.

(Note: this chart is downloadable free of charge, but remember that it is NOT free of rights. Please, only download it for your personal use. If in doubt, please contact me.)

Additional pictures: (click to enlarge)

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2 thoughts on “Heart Biscornu

  1. Hi Faby, I’m thinking of stitching this design. The size for fabric on that chart s 10 cm *10 cm . Does that mean this design is stitched over 2 ? Also , any tip on ho much fabric to keep on each side in excess of stitched area for good finishing?

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    1. Hi Mini 🙂 Yes, it’s designed to be stitched over 2 strands of 32ct linen (or 1 square of 16ct aida if you prefer aida).
      In terms of excess fabric, you only need about 1cm all around the backstitch outline to finish off the biscornu, but you don’t want to start off with so little fabric, in case it frays. How much you need very much depends on how you like to stitch. If you use a stitching frame or a hoop, make sure you have enough fabric around the design to attach it to your frame or hoop. You’ll then trim it down to 1cm of excess fabric when you’re about to finish the design into a biscornu. If you’re using aida and you don’t like using frames, you may not need so much excess fabric…
      As a rule, I try to keep an extra 8-10 cm around a design that I want to frame, and about 5-6 around a biscornu or other design that needs assembling (or a bit more than that if my stitching frame is quite a bit bigger than the design).
      I hope this helps 🙂
      Faby xx


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