Flora SAL

Flora SAL - Faby Reilly Designs

Join this Stitch-ALong to stitch & finish the pretty Flora set!

By the end of this SAL, you will have stitched and assembled the Flora Octagonal Pouch (which is an ideal handbag companion to store a pair of earpods or any other small item) and its matching key fob (in which you can house a supermarket trolley token or a couple of coins).
Just what you need to travel in style!

With this membership, you will immediately get a downloadable PDF with all the information you need to get started:
♦ a SAL planner sheet with a full kit list (supplies packs available from Lakeside Needlecraft: https://www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/faby-reilly–florasal-465-c.asp)
♦ a key for all the colours used
♦ a printable thread card
♦ a layout plan of how to place each section on the fabric
♦ the outline of each section
♦ a special stitch tutorial

If you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to join my SAL group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FRDSALS/ where I’ll be at hand to give advice & support (if needed), to give you stitching tips & answer questions about this SAL, and of course to thoroughly enjoy looking at your beautiful work as it progresses!
(Obviously, it is NOT COMPULSORY to join this group in order to join the SAL – I’m also available over email or via the contact form)

Once the SAL has started (on 16th April 2018), you will also get:
♦ a chart for each of the 6 sections to be stitched (every 2 weeks)
♦ a finishing tutorial with very clear instructions & photos, to fully assemble the pouch and the fob (once all the sections have been released)

This project includes:
♦ full cross stitch (no fractional stitches)
♦ backstitch (with some fractional stitches)
♦ special stitches (2 different types)
♦ beads
♦ sequins
♦ felt

No sewing machine is required to fully finish this project – it can be finished entirely by hand!

If you want to stitch this pretty set and perhaps use this opportunity to learn new techniques, knowing you’ll get help every step of the way,


And if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me!

* Because this SAL is delivered as a digital download via newsletter, it is currently only available on Etsy, as this website doesn’t support digital downloads. By clicking on the “join us now” link, you will be re-directed to my Etsy shop where you can purchase the membership.


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