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  1. Pamela cambray
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    -faby you know the grid that the stitching is sewn on dose this wash off at the end of your stitching or do you carefully unpack the square out? Sincerely pam

    • Faby Reilly
      | Reply

      Hi Pamela! I’m not sure about the detail of this particular example – I did ask Osksana (whose photo it is) but I’m waiting to hear from her still. My guess is that the grid is drawn on with a special pen which either washes off, or is heat sensitive (in which case it vanishes when you iron the fabric). I use that all the time when I’m sewing, to trace the pattern out onto the fabric and mark it. But I’ve never tried it for stitching – I’m too worried it’s not really going to vanish, or that it’s going to reappear with time!! My preferred option (but that’s only because it’s safer) is to stitch a ruler into the outline (https://fabyreilly.com/2017/02/07/biscornu-outline/), and to stitch a loose running stitch in a light colour across the area every 10 stitches. When you’ve finished stitching, you can then pull the running stitches out 🙂 Faby xx

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