Finishing Ideas

Advent Calendar, with a twist

Advent Calendar - stitched by Myriam W
The Advent Calendar, beautifully stitched and finished by Myriam W. !

Myriam opted for a “no-tag” version: instead, she stitched each tag motif directly onto the backdrop design, on the place holder for each tag. To do so, she obviously had to leave out the large numbers designed on the place holders, so she added smaller numbers above each motif. All she needs now is a lovely festive pin, for instance, that she can move from 1 to 24 to mark the days of Advent. What a lovely idea ♥ !!!

If you prefer hiding little treats to be unveiled throughout Advent, why not finishing the tag motifs into little pockets, rather than tags?

Did you stitch yours differently? Do you have other ideas for it? Don’t hesitate to let us know 🙂 !!

Framed wild rose

Wild Rose - Framed
The Wild Rose Biscornu design lends itself really nicely to being framed. Even the design for the back of the biscornu looks good with a fancy button to fill the center. (This lovely heart button comes from Nathy Creations)

Framed magnolia

Magnolia Biscornu - Framed
Doesn’t the Magnolia Biscornu design look really pretty in a frame? It works just as well in a square frame as it does in a round one.

Secret Garden Sampler, revisited

Secret Garden Sampler

Being the excellent stitcher that she is, Ina V. L. made a few very tasteful changes to the colour scheme of the Secret Garden Sampler, and gave it a very fresh look by opting for a light shade of linen and using a pastel rainbow cotton for the border.
Isn’t it delightful!
Ina stitched it on hand-dyed linen, and for the border she selected Dinky Dies’ “Yallingup” silk.

Framed peony

Peony Biscornu - Framed
If you prefer framed pictures to biscornus, then why not try framing the Peony Biscornu? It would make a stunning cushion too.

Orchid health books

Adapted from the Orchid Bookmark Adapted from the Orchid Bookmark

Adapted from the Orchid Bookmark Adapted from the Orchid Bookmark

Nathalie G. wanted matching health book covers for her daughters, so she used the Orchid Bookmark design and stitched it on covers pre-equipped with an aida band. If you couldn’t find a cover to your taste, you could just as easily stitch the design on a loose aida band, and mount it on a ready-made or hand-made cover.
What a lovely present idea, too, for a baby!

A Frosty Nativity

Frosty Table Mat Frosty Table Mat

Monique V. used her Frosty Table Mat as a roof for her Nativity scene, and the Frosty Napkin Ring as a mini pot-cover (behind the candle, on the left hand-side). Isn’t it so very pretty? You could also pin the Frosty Star above the stable to complete the look.

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