Fee: from £10

This is the perfect solution to customise an existing project from the Faby Reilly Designs range.
No need to purchase the pattern separately – the cost of the pattern is built into the customisation fee!

What you get:

  • your chosen pattern altered to your brief & preferred options:

INITIALS only (£10) : for a pattern with initials to be customised with your own choice of initials (eg. a tissue case)

COLOURS only (£10) : to change the colour scheme of a design.

TEXT only (£15) : for a caption to be changed with your own choice of text (eg. on a greeting card)

TEXT + COLOURS (£20) : to customise a caption (or initials) AND change the colour scheme of a design.

ADAPTATION (£25) : to change the shape of a design (eg. you like the design of this biscornu, but you’d like a scissor case instead; or you like this design, but you’d like to add text to make it into a wedding sampler)

  • a PDF pattern delivered by email, containing:
    1. a cover page with a computer generated image of the customised design (not a stitched photograph) and close up pictures of the original design (stitched).
    2. a detailed key & chart
    3. a tutorial for beads & special stitches (if applicable)
    4. a finishing tutorial to assemble the project (if applicable)
    5. a detailed shopping list of what you’ll need to stitch the design

Please allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks between placing the order and the delivery of the finished pattern, although patterns may be delivered earlier than that, workload permitting.

All patterns are payable via PayPal invoice, after reception & acceptance of the preview, and before the full PDF pattern is delivered.

To place a “Customisation” commission, please fill in the following form: