New “Quick Challenge” series

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If you’re a World of Cross-Stitching Magazine regular, you may have noticed that there’s a brand new series in the current issue of the magazine (#292) – turn to p.80!! It’s a “Quick Challenge” series, featuring a new special stitch each month, to help learn new pretty stitches.

I was so excited (and still am!!) when I was first asked to design for this new page of the magazine! I had to keep it quiet for so long (it feelt like an age!) but now I can at long last share the first photo with you:

This little card-size design will help you learn Spiderweb stitches. You’ll find a new “Quick Challenge” design in each publication of the World of Cross-Stitching Magazine, starting this month. Each design comes with picture tutorials in the magazine, and you’ll also find more detailed tutorials on my website, with a short video:

If you can’t get hold of the magazine where you live, not to worry, these little designs will make it to my shop in due course, once the exclusivity held by the magazine has come to an end.

I hope you have great fun trying out new techniques!

Happy stitching!

Faby xx

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