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Anthea SAL has now started and Part 1 is out!

Banner - 01 January

If you’re not yet a member of the Anthea SAL and you’d like to join, you’re more than welcome to do so at any time while the SAL is running: join now!

Part 1: January

We’re starting with a pretty bunch of snowdrops!

Included in the pattern, you’ll find photo tutorials for all the special stitches used this month. In addition to that, I’ve also published a new tutorial, with a video, to help with the round eyelet stitch (with sequins):

Round Eyelet - Tutorial Header - Faby Reilly Designs

For more tutorials and tips, visit the tutorials page!

Happy stitching !!

Faby  xx

Pre-SAL info

If you’re planning on stitching each part on a separate piece of fabric (to display each month individually), then all the info you need is in the Welcome Pack.

If you’d rather stitch all 12 parts on 1 single piece of fabric, so that you can display all 12 months together, then you may find the following info useful.

These calculations are based on the assumption that you’d like to stitch 3 months in the width, and 4 months in the length, and that you’re allowing 5 blank stitches in between each month, and 50 margin stitches all around the fabric. I’m detailing the working-outs so that you can adapt them to your needs, should you want to use a different layout.

You will need 320 stitches in the width (50 + 70 + 5 + 70 + 5 + 70 + 50 stitches), and 395 stitches in the height (50 + 70 + 5 + 70 + 5 + 70 + 5 + 70 + 50 stitches).

That translates into:

  • 51 x 63 cm (= 20″ x 25″) on 32ct fabric
  • 58 x 72 cm (= 23″ x 28″) on 28ct fabric

Happy stitching !!

Faby  xx

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