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Photos are good, but sometimes, it’s nice to see things in motion, isn’t it. So most of the patterns are now showing a video of the stitched model!

Look for the “Product Video” tab, next to “Description”.

Have you seen the latest video? It’s the Ring a Ring o’ Foxes Biscornu. Try it now:

Pattern Updates

You’ll have noticed that my latest patterns come with Bonus-Pages (only when purchased from my website or my Etsy shop).

These include:

  • a printable thread card – with thread numbers, symbols used in the pattern, and the number of strands to use for each colour
  • a “cross-stitch only version, so you can see all the stitches clearly, without the distraction of the backstitch and other stitches. Sometimes you’ll see a few beads in there – that’s for those of you who (like me) prefer to stitch these beads at the same time as the cross-stitch. It only applies to the beads which sit on a full cross-stitch.
  • a “black and white version, with all the stitches. Well, as much B&W as possible, in any case. All the cross-stitch sumbols are in black and white, but the other stitches are coloured, so that you can tell them apart.

That’s a lot of extra pages, so not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. But again, I was asked for such pages, so I felt it was important respond to that need. They’re in a separate file, so that those of you who prefer to print less can do so with the main file, and those of you who prefer a more detailed approach can find that in the bonus-pages. Hopefully, everyone’s happy!

It does mean a lot of my earlier patterns are not quite up to date with that new format, though, so I’m trying to update them as much as time permits. It will take time, but we’ll get there eventually!

How can you tell whether a pattern is updated or not? Check the description. If it lists “bonus-pages” in there, it’s been updated.

What happens if you purchased a pattern before it was updated? Check out the FAQ for details.

So do you want to know which latest 2 patterns have been given this lovely make-over? The 2 pendeloques!

Commissions Portfolio

A while ago, I was asked if there was a list of all the patterns I’ve designed for magazines, with a reference to the magazine number. There was, but it was deep into the entrails of the blog, not easy to reach, and probably not an exhaustive list. So I’ve neatened it up, made sure it was up-to-date, and added the latest commissions to the Home Page.

The full list is also accessible from the menu now, under “Info”. Alternatively, you can access it directly from by clicking on this button:

This page only references patterns done for publications, for now, but I’m hoping to add customer commissions to this list too, when time permits. Watch this space!

I hope you like these new features. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see on the website, do leave a comment! Feedback is always highly valued here!

What do you think?

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